First Steps As A Nurse


So this is it, I’m in! I officially accepted the offer and I begin studying in late February. I have to admit I was a little unsure if this is the right choice, or if I’ve just made a terrible mistake, and destroyed my own future in the Film Industry.

For now, we won’t know, but I have finished enrolling into my classes and looks like I’m at Uni every day of week, which doesn’t seem too bad until you factor in the 3 hour commute one way. Thursdays will be hard, I’m at uni for 12 hours straight, so that’s definitely going to test my resolve. I think the initial excitement has finally worn off and the reality is starting to set in. I’m still more than excited to be studying Nursing, I just hope I can keep real life at bay for long enough. I’ve had to cut back a lot of expenses but I think I can make it work in the long run.

I’ve already ordered a few textbooks, which is one thing that’s significantly different to studying film; the textbooks are ridiculously more expensive! So far I’ve spent $750 on 3 books! But I’m sure it’s a worthwhile investment.

Now I just need to get my Uniform and equipment and I’m good to go!

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