Team develops model to predict hernia surgery recovery outcomes

Could patients experience less pain and possibly have better recovery outcomes if their fears or emotional issues were addressed before surgery? Three researchers at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, recently developed a predictive model to examine that question. Rebecca Koszalinski, assistant professor in the College of Nursing; Anahita Khojandi, assistant professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering in the Tickle College of Engineering; and Bruce Ramshaw, a physician and adjunct professor

Competing Strategies Rapidly Restore Sinus Rhythm in Acute AF

Randomized data provide equal support for pharmacological and electrical cardioversion of acute atrial fibrillation (AF), but also point to a potential advantage for the drug-first strategy in younger patients and those with first AF episodes. Conversion to sinus rhythm occurred in 96% of patients randomly assigned to intravenous procainamide and up to three shocks, if necessary, and 92% in patients assigned to electrical shock only (P = .07) in the Canadian RAFF2 trial. Almost all patients were discharged home

Survey of Anesthesiologists’ Practices Related to Steep Trendelenburg Positioning in the USA

Results Survey Response Rates and Speed We received 290 responses out of 2050 email invitations, a 14.1% response rate. We obtained 54.8% (159/290) of the total responses after the first email invitation. Nearly all survey responses arrived within two weeks of each email invitation (> 96%). Survey completion rate was 99.6%; only one respondent did not complete the survey through to the last question. Anesthesiologist Practices  When asked about inclination angle during steep Trendelenburg position, 32.8%

Understanding Coronavirus

Introduction The Coronovirus is a relatively common group of viruses believed to be responsible for a the majority of common colds. Coronavirus' are also the infectious agent responsible for the 2003 asian outbreak of SARS​1​ (Severe acute respiratory syndrome). More recently, the 2019-2020 Chinese pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan province has been traced to a newer strain of the virus known as 2019-nCoV​2​. Coronavirus as seen through an Electron Microscope Most people will be infected with a variant of

Types of Nursing Licenses and Types of Nursing Degrees

If you are fascinated by the art and science of providing quality health care and feel compassion for individuals who suffer from health problems, a career as a nurse may be a great fit for you. There are multiple academic pathways into the nursing profession, "which is both a good thing and something that does cause lots of confusion," says Stephen Ferrara, associate dean of clinical affairs and an associate professor of nursing with the Columbia University School of Nursing. Kelly Jo Wilson, a transplant quality

Link Found Between Gender Dysphoria and Type 1 Diabetes

Youth with gender dysphoria may be at increased risk for developing type 1 diabetes, a new observational study showed. The study of more than 2000 people aged 10 to 21 years at a single institution, published online November 22 in Pediatrics Diabetes by Santhi N. Logel, MD, and colleagues. The prevalence of type 1 diabetes among youth with gender dysphoria staggering nine times higher than in those without it. The prevalence of type 1 diabetes and youth identify as transgender, nonbinary, or broad gender / does not

Initiatives Led By Pharmacists Can Contribute To The Prevention Of Cardiovascular Disease

With their expertise in the safe and effective use of medications, pharmacists can help in the management of chronic diseases. A review and analysis published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology indicates that initiatives--such as patient education, medication review, and physical assessments--led by pharmacists can make important contributions to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. To assess the potential of pharmacists to help prevent cardiovascular diseases in general practice, Abdullah Alshehri, of

Forensic Nurses Treat Victims Where Health Care And Law Intersect

They’re called sexual assault nurse examiners, trained to treat and comfort victims who are struggling through the most painful, traumatic time of their life. These specialized nurses see it all and hear it all. “Some things in our job we can’t un-hear, we can’t un-see,” said Michelle Resendez, a registered forensic nurse and coordinator for Franciscan Health in Crown Point. SANE nurses, as they’re called, also testify in court about their medical findings, if needed, either helping to prosecute or exonerate a suspect

Asbestos death toll still on the rise

Asbestos-related cancers are claiming 2,500 lives a year despite expert predictions the death toll would peak several years ago. And a leading asbestos lawyer warns an increasing number of “blue collar” workers, such as teachers, nurses and office staff, are becoming victims. The disturbing trend is revealed ahead of the 20th anniversary of the banning of asbestos in Britain next weekend. The move also put a duty on the owners of non-domestic properties, such as schools and hospitals, to manage asbestos within

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