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First Steps As A Nurse

So this is it, I’m in! I officially accepted the offer and I begin studying in late February. I have to admit I was a little unsure if this is the right choice, or if I’ve just made a terrible mistake, and destroyed my own future in the Film Industry. For now, we won’t know, but I have finished enrolling into my classes and looks like I’m at Uni every day of week, which doesn’t seem too bad until you factor in the 3 hour commute one way. Thursdays will be hard, I’m at uni for 12 hours straight, so that’s definitely going…

How I applied for Nursing School, and Why

The decision to apply for nursing school has been floating around in my head now for a few years. It was certainly a tough decision to make. With a reasonably successful career already well under way as a Visual Effects Artist and Animator I struggled to find the courage to take the plunge. I guess its mostly because I’ve invested so much time and money into my current career, from starting and maintaining a fledgling studio, through to completing 2 courses in both Film & television, and 3D animation, putting myself tens…

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