The First Nursing Exam


I’m sure many of you know the feeling, you cram in any study you can into any spare second of the day, cramming as much as you can. You stay up late studying, getting as

little sleep every night as you dare to get away with. You rock up at Uni on the day feeling confident, tired, but confident nonetheless.

You get in there and you’re pumped! You totally got this. You’ve studied everything you could get your hands on. This is it… exam time, you psych yourself up. You get the exam paper, it’s a little thicker than you thought but that’s cool, you’ve read the whole first and second chapters of the textbook, twice in fact! Then you hear the words… “You may begin.” oh yea! Time to show the world you didn’t waste your time for the last week locked in a room reading and studying relentlessly.

You open the exam paper, there’s question one, you’ve totally got this…. wait… what on earth is the Glossopharyngeal nerve?

Oh well, no problem… off to a rough start, so we’ll get back to it. Regroup and move on, question two… “What chronic disease leads to respiratory acidosis?” …

…Crap… Panic mode engaged!

You flick to the next page, frantically searching for anything you might know, anything that looks remotely familiar. You find a few questions you know the answers to, but the rest look ridiculously intimidating.

It’s about now you realise… you don’t know anywhere near as much as you thought you did. That, and you were supposed to read chapters 3 and 4 as well, with additional readings in chapters 6 and 8.

So I’m sure you’ve figured by now my first exam didn’t quite go according to plan. I had my first exam of the course yesterday, and it went…well obviously not well. After studying almost non-stop for the entire week beforehand, I got in there to realise I may be in a spot of trouble.

I’m sure many young nurses, and Uni students in general go through the same phase, you think you’ve studied enough to ace the exam, but it seems the lecturers just have it in for you. I don’t hunk it’s even possible to be fully prepared for an exam, especially one involving something so complex as the human body. I often wonder if they intentionally make the first exam ridiculously hard just to make us feel so insecure that we study relentlessly from then on.

Oh well, I guess we can only wait to see how I went… not looking forward to the results though… oh the shame.

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