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New Clinical Certification Aims To Improve Heart Failure Patient Outcomes By Implementing Standardized Care Treatment

The new Post-Acute Care Heart Failure Certification offered from the American Heart Association, provides education and resources to skilled nursing facilities to reduce the hospital readmissions for heart failure patients. More than 6 million Americans are living with heart failure. The Post-Acute Care Heart Failure Certification is now available to all skilled nursing facilities in the United States. These skilled nursing facilities may now be recognized for providing access to quality care for treatment of heart

15 Interesting Facts About The Human Body: Myth or fact?

So I came across this list about the fifteen interesting facts relating to the human body, and thought I would take a look and research them myself. Unsurprisingly, some of them turned out to be inaccurate. I've done some research into the claims and compiled a list of articles to explain the realities of the claims. 1: Your nose can remember more than 50,000 different scents. This claim is inaccurate as it vastly underestimates the abilities of the human nose, which is in reality comparable to a dog's…

Understanding the Biomedical Model

Traditionally, western medicine has been centred around the biomedical model and its underpinning philosophies to best determine a person’s health status. The biomedical model has allowed medicine to advance in leaps and bounds over recent decades, improving our understanding of the human body while also maintaining a superior standard of care through the evidence-based practice approach. Through this approach, we were able to isolate body systems and understand disease processes and how they impacted upon the individual…

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