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Holistic Nursing Care

Over the last decade or so, health care has shifted focus from treatment of symptoms and disease processes, to more emphasis on prevention of disease, such as living an active lifestyle and exercising regularly. Healthy diet and personal habits have also seen an increased emphasis in recent health promotion campaigns. Through these new approaches modern medicine has slowly moved away from the biomedical model as its sole foundation, and has moved towards a more holistic approach to healthcare, while using the solid…

You Only Get One Chance

We only get one chance to set our standard of care I remember when I was just a beginning student nurse, the facility manager for my first placement sat down with me and the other 3 students on placement with me and introduced us to not only the facility, but also how aged care works, and how to be a good nurse in general. One of the most important things he said has stuck with me ever since that day, and it pops into my head every time I encounter questionable practices in my nursing work. He said that we only get…

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