20 Funny Slang Terms used by Nurses


Slang terms and acronyms are frequent in nursing. Here is a short list of some of the funnier terms used to describe everything from troublesome patients, to kind old grandmothers.


Definition: A nurse who has recently attended a seminar and now behave like doctor.
Usage: That nurse thinks she knows everything, she’s such a noctor.

NPS (New Parent Syndrome)

Definition: A propensity to bring your newborn child to the hospital for trivial health concerns. Used in charting.
Usage: Baby had hiccups, sent home. NPS

Frequent Flyer

Definition: A patient who frequently visits the hospital or doctor for trivial or non-existent health problems. usually seeking drugs or medical certificates.

PITA (Pain In The Arse)

Definition: A patient who is very troublesome to deal with.

Code Brown

Definition: A major bowel movement, typically in the bed or on the floor.
Usage: “There’s a Code brown in room 11”


FLK (Funny Lookin’ Kid)

Definition: Used on charts to distinguish children the nurse believes may have undiagnosed mental/learning difficulties.


VBS (vaginal Bypass Surgery)

Definition: Used when a mother requires a c-section for delivery, effectively bypassing the vagina during birth.
Usage: The pt. in bed 4 needs a VBS


Finger Painting

Definition: When a demented patient soils themselves and plays with it, I’m sure I don’t need to fill you in on the rest.


Road Test

Definition: Ambulating a patient before discharging.


MTF (Metabolise to Freedom)

Definition: The patient may be discharged when the alcohol/drug is sufficiently metabolised (sobered up).


Cranial Rectal Inversion

Definition: Head up their arse. Also; CRCI – Chronic Cranial Rectal Inversion.


Time Bomb

Definition:  A home patient who smokes while on oxygen.
Usage: Mrs X is a time bomb if she doesn’t stop smoking.


DAFO (Drunk and Fell Over)

Definition: The patient is intoxicated and fell over. Common in the emergency department.


GOMER (Get Out of My ER)

Definition: A patient who treats the emergency department like a regular GP’s Office.



Definition: Little old Lady or Lovely old Lady. Used as a term of endearment.

2S2L (Too Stupid To Live)

Definition: Used for patients who either do not conform to life sustaining interventions, or who was injured undertaking a ridiculous activity.


FITH (Freaked out in the Head)

Definition: A patient who is not quite there mentally.


FOS (Full of Sh*t)

Definition: A patient who is constipated with abdominal pain.


HDLT (High Drama, Low Trauma)

Definition: A patient who behaves like they are far sicker than they actually are.


Gravity Storm

Definition: A patient who frequently falls.


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